Travel and leisure services secure a topmost slot in the list of Fastest Growing Industries in the world but there arises a question in our mind.
How the industry would keep up with the customers’ expectations when the industry is growing at such a fast pace?
Radical Mind has secured a permanent slot in the list of Top Travel Business Process Management Companies in the entire world. Process Oriented Work, Building Customer Relationships and Sustaining those relations life long, implementing new technologies, Deep domain knowledge and our subject expertise had driven business outcomes for our respective clients.



Travel as a business has largely moved online. We have built our expertise in aiding travel companies and airlines to support their customers experience better travel enabled services aided by technology and process innovation. We do this via below service offerings(s):

  • Voice(Inbound/Outbound)
  • Non Voice (Chat/ Email)
  • Customer Services
  • Telemarketing
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Ticket , services and Hotel Order Booking
  • General Customer Care (Cancellations and Refunds)
  • Analytics
  • Back office services
  • Back end services like Fare filing, Frequent Flier program management
  • Technical solutions


Through our extensive service offerings, our clients can benefit from:


  • Better turnaround time and reduced costs through continuous process improvement and automation
  • Improved satisfaction and qualified and motivated people with on-time services
  • Real-time insights through dashboard reporting and analytical periodical reporting.