What We Do

Business Segmentation


We have secured a permanent slot in the list of Top Travel Business Process Management Companies in the world providing specialized consulting and outsourcing services to clients.

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Radical Minds offers a comprehensive range of BFSI Services over a wide range of banking and money related operations. Our services involve Mutual funds, Life/General Insurance, etc.

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Radical Minds assist in logistics management in a way which helps companies to become bigger, better and more profitable. Our services are cost saving, flexible, & improves performance.

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Health & Wellness

Radical Minds provides a wide range of services in the healthcare & wellness industry from customer registration & guidance, lead generation, sales, order management to customers’ feedback.

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For creating or developing a good e-commerce experience for generating huge traffic on your e-commerce portal, you need an expert and no company will be better than Radical Minds.

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There has been a drastic shift in the telecom industry from voice to data. Companies need to focus on catering to growing demand for connectivity, tackling security issues and innovate offerings for the latest products and services.

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BPO Services


  • Query Management
  • Tech. Support
  • Travel Help Desk
  • Account Maintenance
  • Online Orders


  • Lead Generation
  • End to End Sales
  • Account Acquistion
  • Survey Calling
  • Reference Requests


  • Database Management
  • Field Executive Support
  • Email Management
  • Digitization
  • Database Mining


  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Inbound Support
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Up Sell & Cross Sell