Logistics Case Study

About the Client

A leading online food aggregation company in India with an ever expanding base of service providers, delivery network and customer base.

The Challenge

Our client was already working with 2 service partners when we were approached. They felt that outsourcing their business to a 3rd party has not yielded the results expected. The required involvement and intervention/ initiative was missing.

Our Initiative

Rather than just look at manpower solutioning, we looked at the processes and technology as well.
This resulted in creating a customised tri party dialling solution for calibrating the restaurant , the field executive and the customer. Additionally we setup a separate WFM team for analysing the call flow and the staffing matrix. this helped identify and that 23%-38% calls were multiple repeat calls. and so we build technology to setup an auto repeat out calling desk. This resulted into:

  • Lower call flow
  • Better First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • lesser count and higher efficiency in staffing.
  • Happier customer

After partnering with Radical Minds


  • Developed tri-party resolution technology.
  • Created auto rostering tools.


  • The created capability of handling calls 15 languages.
  • Created grooming programs and grew 47% agents to higher support roles.
  • Maintaining attrition of under 6%, thereby creating a pool of experienced agents.