We are a globally operating company, so we are just a small step away from you.

We have a dedicated team for specific countries and regions. We have a single point of contact for our customers. Following are the specific locations we operate in:

United States
United Kingdom





Our India Presence

As of now, we 5500+ manpower operating from Gurgaon & Delhi. We manage over 13 languages and dialects from the above locations
Noida & Mizoram – New Location


Our Language Capability.

Of the total languages/dialects spoken in the world, 85% dialects are trading languages. Out of these, 65 %(approx) are handled by Radical Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd. Japanese and Russian are two exceptions in our business process (we are sure we will have this capability as soon as we get a client who needs these languages.)

  • Our most recent achievement is the addition of Native Arabic speaking candidates (from Egypt, Jordan & Oman)
  • While the world is looking at the middle east as a business hub, companies in the middle east are outsourcing critical native Arabic speaking processes to us in India.